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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back to Reality

One perk of traveling is the feeling of coming home.  I think we can agree that you don't truly appreciate things until you are separated from them.  My heart gets that warm and content feeling as I look out my airplane window and spy the Twin Cities.  This time the feeling of happiness did not last long and it wasn't just due to the negative 13 degree temperature. I am starting to feel discontent with my life.

As I sit here this evening writing I am trying hard not to just cry.  I look at Cappy sitting at the end of my bed and know that running away isn't an option for us. We need to come up with a plan so we can accomplish our dreams and that plan can not be the lottery.  I don't want people to think I am unhappy with my life but I want more and I know I'm the only one who can make that happen.

I think a lot of my inspiration comes from visiting the JFK memorial and the 6th Floor museum. Yesterday when we visited the 6th Floor museum it was more than just witnessing where our President was assassinated. The museum does an excellent job of describing and immortalizing that tragic day in our history. In addition to preserving where the infamous bullets where shot they tell the story of the man who so tragically lost his life that day.

Kennedy in his short life was responsible for organizations like the Peace Corps and preventing nuclear war with the Soviet Union.  Regardless of political views and all of the other stuff that has been speculated since his death, you have to admit that is impressive.  Walking through this museum and taking in all this history I realize how fortunate I am to experience these pieces of history.  I also realized how great my desire it to continue to have these experiences.

So instead of being sad with the idea of reality,I need create a reality that I can be content in. I want to be a person who like Kennedy accomplishes his dreams. I would even like to be the type of person who leaves a mark on this world even if it is the tiniest of marks.

I have hope over the next few months that I can establish what I want and what I want to accomplish in this world. If I want these things to become a reality I need to come up with a plan to conquer my goals. I can not expect my life to change without focusing on my future and putting my past where it belongs in the past.

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." - John F. Kennedy