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Monday, February 2, 2015

Maybe You Shouldn't Tell People That

I love asking people when I interview them for a job: "tell me about yourself". It can be such a loaded question that can bring the conversation in many directions.  You hope the person tells you a brief description of what makes them qualified for the position.  But more often then not, they start by describing who they are as a person.  This would be great but too many of them forget to put on the filter that is required for a job interview.

I am not one to judge those who give out too much information. I have often been told I am too honest.  I do though know that you must find a creative way to spin your less than flattering facts or even try and leave them out of the conversation.  How do I know this?  It is because I find myself having to practice this often.

What would you say if I told you I am a single, thirty-five year old woman who lives with her parents?  Many people would think something has to be wrong with that chica!!  I'm not going to say I don't have issues; obviously I am writing a blog on conquering fear.  But I also think it is important to not judge a person by there circumstances. 

So how to do I usually spin my story? First, I am not very open with my friends and family about my dating life.  When people ask, I just inform them I am not interested in dating. The sad part is I often find myself believing this white lie.   The truth is it has officially been three years since I have dated.  No he did not break my heart; it was broken long before him.  Honestly, when it comes down to dating I'm beyond scared to be hurt again.  When I tried dating in the past, I was always waiting for the relationship to come crashing down. Finally I decided it was just easier to avoid it all together. 

How does a thirty-five year old live with her parents and not look like a low life? Yes I do have a job and a college degree.  I could be more financially stable but it is common to find people my age burdened by college loans.  So when I am asked, "where do you live?" I could casually mention with roommates.  Instead I go with freely admit that I am 'staying' with my parents, while I decide where to live.  If I am still getting a weird look I am able to add, "remember all of my stuff burned in a fire this summer". (story to come) 

I am sure the question is now how many cats do I have?  I hate to disappoint but I am not a cat fan.  I do tho own this adorable little guy....

Captain Wentworth aka Cappy.  I adopted him this summer and he has brought me such happiness.  

As I continue this journey I will let you know more about me and you can decide if I am truly crazy!