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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

O Happy Day

There are those moments in life were you just can't help but smile.  I had one of those moments this morning at a point when most people would be so far from smiling.  My plane originally was suppose to land in Dallas, TX at 11:30p.m.  but due to a delay it was closer to 1:00 a.m. when it landed. It would have been perfectly normal to be crabby,considering I have a cold and I still needed to wait for my baggage, get a car and make the thirty minute drive to my hotel.  Not this girl, I was tired yes but so happy.

What is it that put me in such a good mood?  First traveling makes me content and I can't explain why.  Second is the satisfaction that I can do all this without my traditional worry and anxiety.  I was able to check in, make it through security and fly without one moment of anxiety. I did have a little bit of worry that I would have a lapse when I got to the car rental place but I didn't. I have never actually rented a car so I worried those unknowns would cause anxiety but I handle it all amazingly.

It was about 2:00 a.m. and I was cruising down an unknown interstate in the rain and I had the biggest smile on my face.  I was so happy with myself!  I don't think I could have ever imagined I would have the courage to take a flight on my own rent a car and drive in the middle of the night into the unknown. I hope that moments like this propel me to continue my journey into the many unknowns.  I want to continue to remind myself that conquering those unknowns lead to unforgettable moments.

One of these new unforgettable moments today was visiting the Fort Worth Stockyard exchange. I am here in Dallas visiting a friend who is from back in Wisconsin so we decided to go exploring. My parent's suggested we go visit Fort Worth and watch the cattle drive. We laughed as we pulled into the Stockyard Exchange area, we would expect all of Texas to look like this.

I apologize everyone who is visiting Dallas/Fort Worth today because I have apparently brought the cold arctic air from Minnesota/Wisconsin. I really can't believe how big of a baby I was today considering it was 30 degrees warmer than home but it was cold.  Despite the cold we decided to brave the elements and watch them drive of the cattle.

I am glad we got to witness this event even though seeing long horn cattle is nothing new to me.  I have grown up around cattle my entire life and my grandpa went through a long horn phase.  I even joked with my friend that I know way more about cattle than I should or hopefully will ever need to know. Despite this it was fun to be a tourist and join in. We did agree it would have been funny if one of them hit one of the parked cars; I have the extra rental insurance.

Thankful I brought my jacket.