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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Visualize Your Goals

"The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance - and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning." - Oprah Winfrey.

Several years ago I was reading through a copy of Oprah's magazine O and found an article on setting and achieving goals.  She talked about the practice of making vision boards.  In the article they acknowledged those that have a visual reminder of their goals and visions were more likely to achieve them.  I had every intention of making one at that point of my life but like many things I did not follow through.

In the last few years my life and goals have changed.  I brought up to my counselor around October that I was ready to figure out what direction I wanted to go with my life.  I wanted to set obtainable goals and have a path to follow.  I was unsure though how to go about this.  She suggested two exercises one helping me define what I want in my life and the other was to make a vision board.  I quickly remembered this activity from the O Magazine article.

I arrived at my next session empty handed and frustrated.  I had several ideas of what I wanted to put on a vision board but I was struggling with how I wanted to put it together.  I was also struggling with the thought of putting these goals on a board and setting a time line for these goals.  There was only three months left of 2014 and I also didn't want to wait for 2015 to set goals.  I know this sounds like something very silly but in my mind this was important.

I left the session that day wondering what I should do and felt very passionate that I needed to accomplish this vision board immediately.  I decided to head to the store and check out the craft section for some inspiration.  I am not a crafty person other than I enjoy purchasing crafting supplies.  On this occasion I got inspired and came up with an idea that allowed me to remove and add my goals as they changed.

It is a wooden frame from the craft department and each square is also wooden and I have each attached with Velcro so I can remove them when they are either no longer relevant or I have accomplished the goal.  I used a combination of paint and scrap booking supplies. My four year old nephew was very game to help, which was a problem for this control freak.  Thankfully he was content with his own chunk of wood and paint.

So what are my goals and or visions?  On the top left is all about travel.  It is a reminder that every decision I make should help support my desire to travel.  The top center block represents the Aveda corporation.  I have the goal of some day working at their corporate location, in the salon operations field.  The top right is to get myself back in shape so I can enjoy running 5ks again.  I hurt my knee a few years ago and have not been able to get myself back in running condition.

Don't worry my goal is not to have a castle; my goals are realistic.  I think of the castle more as a metaphor for my desire to have my own home but it need not be a big.  The center block it empty for the time being.  The middle block on the right is all about love.  My goal there is to be comfortable again to find love.

The bottom left is about my writing goals.  I am happy to say that this goal is being accomplished with every blog.  The bottom center block is not the desire to play a musical instrument.  I have tried that goal many times and failed miserably.  This one is like my travel square were it is more about making an effort to attend more live concerts.  And my bottom goal, yes again is travel but more specific.  I would really like my next adventure to be a return to London and a trip to Paris.  I was hoping to accomplish this goal next fall but I think due to finances it might have to be pushed back another year.  It is not a failed goal just a postponed goal. 

My vision board sits off to the left of my bed and is never out of my view.  I like that I can consistently look up and remember what I want to accomplish, my bigger picture.  Sometimes I want to just be lazy and watch t.v. or purchase something I really don't need but if I look up I remember what is truly important.