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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bad Habits Die Hard

Today as I was trying to figure out how to make a low sodium and low potassium dinner for my grandparents, I started thinking about my own diet.  I can sadly say the motivation I thought I had acquired a few weeks ago as typical did not last long.  I have made eating poorly not only a bad habit but an emotional crutch.  I'm starting to wonder if I do this to purposely harm my body.

My grandpa's health has deteriorated significantly in the last three months.  For an eighty-nine year old man he is in good shape.  Sadly his poor diet has caught up with him and was hindering his ability to recover and be strong enough to handle a procedure to repair a heart valve.  Most days before three he would have consumed only coffee and donuts.  I am now watching him try to at almost ninety change his eating habits so he can be around for a few more years.

This has really got me thinking if he can do this at his age I think it is time I take a serious look at my life.  This is not just about the fact that appearance wise I shouldn't be eating what I am, I need to think about my health.  I am already at risk with my depression and anxiety and eating poor foods exasperates this disorders.  So what is it going to take to break this bad habit?

One, I'm writing about it so maybe this time I will feel some self accountability.  Second, maybe I can reward myself with a new tattoo.  They say it takes thirty days to break a habit or create a new one.  Can I try and eat better for thirty day?  Is a new tattoo enough motivation?  I also can not just decide to get a new tattoo for a birthday present to myself (this has happened before).  If this doesn't happen, no new tattoo!

Les Miserables Tattoo
I'm sure some people are thinking a tattoo really?  I don't know why but I love tattoos.  Maybe it is because I have to dress a certain way for work, so this is my way of expression who I am.  My tattoos are the only thing I wear with confidence and I cannot explain why.  I especially laugh every time I get asked about my latest tattoo.  If people are not familiar with the work Les Miserables I get funny looks when I try and explain I have a prison number tattooed on my arm.
Mumford and Sons Tattoo


If I'm truthful I think I like the dirty looks I get regarding my tattoos.  If they are looking and judging my tattoos they aren't looking at my weight or any thing else of my appearance I deem horrible.  Plus my tattoos are that mine, they are for me and represent me.  So hopefully on April 27th I will be posting a picture of my new ink. 
Greek - to laugh