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Sunday, March 1, 2015

I May Have a BBC Addiction

I would like to say I haven't written in three days because I have been busy with work or had a horrible migraine but those would be sad lies.  I feel silly to say it is because once again I got sucked into a series online.  I apparently have no self control and could not like a normal person watch one or two episodes a day.  Now all I can think about is an article I read on a study done at the University of Texas researching depressions and binge t.v. watching.

So yes, I need to work on this issue but in the mean time I can tell you about all of the interesting t.v. series and movies I have watched during those periods when I go into my "shut down" mode.  I will warn you that my taste in movies and t.v. series is as eccentric as my taste in music.  This is all going to have be blamed on my mum (and yes I do call her mum -- too many British shows). It started with her introducing me to the t.v. series Have You Been Served an English comedy showed on PBS here in the United States. 

Anyone who knows me would say I'm obsessed with the United Kingdom.  This is true to a point my fascination with Europe started there but it doesn't end there.  I think as a young girl it was easy to fall in love with England they had Princess Diana.  How could I not dream of going there?  I may have been the only 8th grader reading all of her biographies but I was beyond intrigued.  With this curiosity came an intensive interests in other cultures and countries.

One of my favorite things about technology is how it has made the world more accessible.  Seven years ago I moved and hour away from my family and friends into a small apartment.  I did not see any point in paying for cable and I had no interest in trying to get local channels.  So I started at first watching movies online via Netflix and then my attention turned to the world of British t.v. series that were available.  I became hooked in an instant.  I also think this awoke my passion for Europe and especially England.  It was one year later I made my first trip across the pond and took a two week tour of the UK.
The trip opened my eyes up to the world and how much I wanted more out of life.  I came home with a list of books, movies and t.v. shows I need to watch.  It was not long after I stumbled upon the band Mumford and Sons (who at the time were not very well known).  I was immediately hooked, even took a seven hour road trip with friends to see them play in Omaha.  I took my love for the band and England a step further when I had an Englishman tattooed on my back along with one of their song titles.  Yes, I'm sure people shake there heads but when it comes to my tattoos they are for me and I don't care what other's think.

So you might ask, what was the show that kept me away for the last three days?  It was a sci-fi series on BBC America called Orphan Black.  I am not a huge sci-fi fan but I was hooked on episode one.  If only I would have paced myself the two seasons could have kept me entertained until the third season premieres on BBC America mid April.  I would like to say this is the first time this has happened or that it is going to be the last but I really don't see myself ever getting this under control.  I am the same way with books - I have stayed up until four in the morning to finish a book.  I have a hard time with the concept that a book shouldn't be read in one sitting.  My brother would suggest that I just stick to movies. 

I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite foreign t.v. series and films.  I am not limiting it just to England even though that is where the majority of the shows I watch come from.  You can tell when I have been binge watching BBC because I get a slight English accent.  

Favorite Comedies:                                                        Favorite Dramas:
1. Miranda (UK) on Hulu                                                1.  Downton Abbey (UK) PBS & Amazon
2. Outnumbered (UK) on Hulu & Amazon                     2.  Call of the Midwife (UK) PBS & Netflix
3. Derek (UK) Netflix                                                      3.  Orphan Black (Canada)  Amazon
4  Gavin & Stacey (UK) Hulu & Amazon                       4.  Upstairs Downstairs (UK) Hulu
5.  Moone Boys (Ireland) Hulu                                        5.  Gran Hotel (Spain) Netflix
6.  Little Britain (UK) Hulu, Amazon & Netflix             6.  Velvet (Spain) Netflix
7.  Idiot Abroad (UK) Netflix                                          7.  The Cut (UK) Hulu
8.  Pram Face (UK) Hulu                                                 8.  The Paradise (UK) Netflix
9.  The Office (UK) Netflix                                             9.  Bomb Girls (Canada) Netflix
10. Moody Christmas (Australia) Hulu                          10. Offspring (Australia) Hulu