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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mood Changer

I need to do something to help turn my funky attitude around.  I decided it was time for some new music.  Thankfully one of my favorite artists had recently released a new album.  I have been a fan of Glen Hansard ever since I saw him preforming his song Falling Slowly from the movie "Once" at the 2007 Oscars.   The song won an Oscar for best original song that year.  As soon as I heard the song I had to find the movie. 

I was not disappointed!  The movie not only contained that amazing song but many others as well.  "Once" is now even a musical on Broadway.  I have it on my list of musicals to see in the near future.  Of course, I am a bit afraid I will be disappointed with the lack of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.  I had a similar experience when I saw the Broadway show of "Grease", it just wasn't the same without John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. 

I wasn't able to see Glen Hansard live until three years ago at First Ave; it was well worth the wait.  I saw him again last August and again wasn't disappointed.  I think my mum and I have become groupies.  I tried to talk her into going to Milwaukee last February again to see him again but we couldn't coordinate our schedules.  So we will be waiting  for his next American tour.

When we saw him in August he spoke of a friend that had died of alcoholism and sang one of his songs.  The album he released a couple weeks ago is a tribute to his late friend Jason Molina; "It Was Triumph We Once Proposed...". The profits from the LP will be donated to a charity in Molina's honor. 

I do love the LP but even more I love the fact that this album is a tribute to a friend.  So often it is easy to go on with our own lives.  Friendship is something I often take fore granted.  I have amazing friends but I often keep to myself.  It is not that I don't cherish each and everyone of them it is just I tend to need a lot of alone time.  I was reminded this week of how amazing my friends are when I received several text messages this week reminding me they are always there for me. 

Friendship and music are two things in my life that I find invaluable.