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Friday, April 3, 2015

The One Thing That I Will Speak Up About

I don't tend to really make a statement or stand up to people about things, I don't like to push my ideas on people.  The one thing I will speak up about regardless of my anxiety is rescuing animals.  I am an animal lover and I can't let my insecurities get in the way.  I have written before about our involvement with Peke n Chin Midwest.

My mum this week did an amazing thing when she discovered an abandoned dog on her way home.  That evening she was not able to catch her but a gentleman informed her that the owners had moved away a week ago and abandoned her.  He said she had been sleeping under his propane tank and he had not been able to catch her.  The following day my mum placed a crate and food out in attempt to catch her. 

To our surprise she jumped into a ladies car who was visiting that gentleman.  They kept the dog until my mum was able to pick her up.  My mum kept her in a kennel for the evening just in case she had anything contagious.  My mum said she is quite the snuggler and very sweet.  She went to the vet this morning and they figure she is only two years old.  We are still waiting to hear if she has anything contagious so she still has to stay away from our dogs.

Peke n Chin has thankfully added her to their system.  We cannot use our local humane society, they are a kill shelter.  This is one thing I don't believe in and will speak up about.  I believe animals deserve the chance and there are plenty of people out there that will help especially with proper education.  This shelter for example gets county funding, yet refuses new members who could possibly help with new funding. 

I urge people to do the research before supporting shelters.  I also encourage people that have the time and money to foster animals.  It is great when animals can be kept in homes and socialized, especially those that have been in situations with little human contact.  We have a new foster at home who has taken a liking to me.  I have to stay strong and remember some amazing family will adopt him soon.  He was found and when they contacted the owners they did not want him back. 

I will continue to say how important it is to take owning a pet seriously, they are not a temporary thing.  On the flip size they are an amazing addition to your life.