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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Worried for Nothing

I needed to take a break from writing to clear my head and trying and figure out what direction I want to go in with my life and my writing.  I struggle with wanting to make sure my writing is for pleasure and not something I feel like I have to do.  I think with the pressures of work and my pending colonoscopy I got writers block.  Even though I had all of these things going on in my life I couldn't find the words to express myself. 

I had my colonoscopy today and all is good.  The bleeding was probably the result of not enough fiber in my diet, another wonderful sign that I'm getting old.  I have to say the actual procedure is not a big deal, it is the prep for the procedures that makes me  happy I will not have to have another one until I am fifty.  I thought not getting to eat for over twenty-four hours would be the hard thing, not so.  I was so nauseous from all the laxatives food was as far from my mind as possible. 

The dogs will be sad tomorrow that I cannot continue to lay with them on the couch, time to go back to work.  I was a little worried how I would feel but other than a headache from the dehydration I don't feel that bad.  I'm wondering if I could bring back the fashion trend with gloves tomorrow, my hands I'm guessing are going to be quiet bruised.  Once again they had trouble getting an IV in me, even with my suggestion of trying my hand verses my arm. 

I was doing good and staying calm through all of this until the needle popped my vein on my hand.  The nurse had a fancy word for what came next but basically I got extremely nauseous and started burning up.  Since this isn't the first time this has happened I knew to immediately ask for a puke bag, to be laid down flat and a cold clothe.  My mum was sweet and tried to calm me as they fought to put the IV into my other hand.  I guess I love giving the nurses something to talk about. 

You would have thought though my mum was the patient, the nurses kept coming in to see her but it was to smell her.  She was wearing her Young Living Essential oil Peace and Calming.  The nurses were even asking me about it as they were wheeling me in my bed down to the procedure.  That is what I love about my mum she can make friends anywhere.  So as she waited for me she chatted with the nurses.  We have to laugh, she even made one go to the bathroom crying.  Not that it is funny that she started crying it was just the circumstances around the entire day.

The nurse and my mum had started to talk about dog rescue while she was prepping me for the procedure.  While I was gone my mum started to tell her about a batch of dogs Peke n Chin Midwest is trying to rescue.  The seventeen pekes have been surrendered to a shelter in North Dakota.  We know that the pekes would be better off if we could put them in  foster homes and then adopt them out.  Pekes don't adopt well and would be better in an organization like Peke n Chin that specializes in the breed.  The current challenge is to raise the funds in order to rescue and support seventeen additional dogs.  We are currently trying to raise the additional funds at You Caring.

So my focus has turned from fear to how I can better my life and that of those around me, including my furry friends.