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Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Want to Stay this Happy

So often when I turn to write it is because I'm having a tough time and need to try and work though my struggle through words. Today is not one of those days! I am taking the time to write a post because I want to acknowledge how far I have come in the last year. I also want to write about what brought on the additional happiness today.

 I want to do more with my writing but self doubt often gets in the way. My anxiety causes a lot of self doubt and hatred. I worry that I will not having anything to write about or anything that others would want to read. Instead of trying I often walk away out of fear. On occasion I find the courage, for example when I started this blog.

Several months ago I was feeling courageous and volunteered to help with any writing needs for PNC Rescue this is the organization we have adopted from and currently foster for as well. Sadly I again let fear get in my way and I did not write anything for them.  Well today that changed.

The organization's volunteers were discussing different ways to drive more exposure to their Facebook page. I decided to speak up and offer to put together a memo. I wrote a memo to help the volunteers with branding of PNC Rescue and navigating social media. I am not sure what will become of the memo or advice but I feel good for trying.

In addition to the memo I am going to try and use my writing skills to create bio's for the current and future foster dogs.

I am hoping the next time the doubt starts to creep in or I'm having a bad day I can go back to this post and remind myself the happiness that comes from helping other's and conquering my fears.