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Monday, September 14, 2015

New Doctor

I have been putting off the search for a new doctor for far too long but today it must happen. This weekend I had another bad migraine. Thankfully I was able to get it under control but it was bad enough that I had to let my mom drive the rest of our way home and I got sick enough that I had to throw up into a bag in my lap. I did manage to sleep it off with medication and not make a trip to the ER.

So why do I need to find a new doctor? Three plus years ago when I realized it was time to get help I made an appointment at the clinic by my home at the time. I was immediately overjoyed at how comfortable I felt with the PA I was assigned to that day. Anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety knows how uncomfortable it can be to reach out for help. Courtney made this so easy for me. She was so supportive and compassionate over the years.

Sadly I moved two hours away and slowly it became harder and harder to make the drives back. On several occasions I have had no other choice but to seek out other medical professionals. I have not made a connections with any of them. I also have had the issue with the fact that the nearest Fairview hospital is over forty minutes away. When you are needing to make an emergency trip to the ER for a migraine you don't want a forty minute car ride.

I now need to decided between the two medical facilities that I live near.  I then need to pick a physician from one of those establishments. I know the easy thing to do would be asking for suggestions from friends and family but I don't feel comfortable doing that. The more open I have become about my struggles the more I realize everyone has an opinion and few are in agreement.

Today I am going to make the first move and go with the medical center I visited for my last ER visit. I am going to visit their website and go through the physicians bios and hopefully find one that looks favorable. I can't keep putting off seeking treatment for my migraines; I need to face my fear and put myself out there.